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Phone Number : +86-18627949609

NFPA20 UL FM End Suction Fire Pump For Hospital

Place of Origin China
Brand Name NM FIRE
Certification UL /FM/Non-listed/NFPA20
Model Number End suction
Minimum Order Quantity 1set
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details Export Packing
Delivery Time 60 Days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Product Details
Standards NFPA20, UL, FM Non-listed UL Performance Ranges Q: 100-750GPM H:70-152PSI
FM Performance Ranges Q: 100-750GPM H:70-152PSI Color Red
Controller Tornatech (UL/FM) Model ESF80/26
High Light

FM End Suction Fire Pump


UL End Suction Fire Pump


NFPA20 fire fighting pumps

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Product Description
  • End Suction Fire Pump Group Fire Fighting NFPA20 Package UL FM For Large Hotels, Hospitals

The end suction pump set meets the NFPA20 standard, UL/FM Approved. Motor driven or diesel engine driven .Match Eaton or Tornatect controller.
Customize the pachage system.Our fire pump can be used in hotels, hospitals, airports and other buildings of the fire system.
  • Main Parameters:

Diesel Engine Pump Set
( Heat Exchanger)
Model ESF80/20
Casing Ductile Cast iron
Impeller Bronze
Shaft SS420
Seal Gland packing
Wear ring Brass
Bearing SKF
Engine NM FIRE(UL) NM4-108
Controller Eaton(UL/FM)



NFPA20 UL FM End Suction Fire Pump For Hospital 0

NFPA20 UL FM End Suction Fire Pump For Hospital 1


Large hotels, hospitals , schools,office buildings,supermarkets, commercial residential buildings, metro stations, railway stations, airports, kinds of transportation tunnels, petrochemical plants, thermal power plants, terminals, oil depots, large warehouses and industrial and mining enterprises,offshore platform(Pump material:Discharge head, Column pipe, shaft, impeller, suction bell—SS2205, Seal—Gland packing ,Guide bearing—Thordon) etc.
Product types

Electric motor driven fire pump group
Diesel engine driven fire pump group with air cooling & water cooling
NFPA20 Package


About Us




CNP NM Fire-fighting System Co.,Ltd
CNP NM Fire-fighting System Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer of fire pumps, diesel engines, controllers, diesel engine driven fire pump set, electric motor driven fire pump set, fire pump package system and containerized fire pump package system in accordance with domestic & international standards. We are a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the European Fire Sprinkler Network (EFSN). The technical team consists of a number of engineers and foreign experts who have more than 20 years of experience in research and development for global fire-fighting equipment. We can offer you a wide range of fire pumps and diesel engines which have gotten UL, FM(America), APSAD(France), SETSCO(Singapore) certificates that meet every fire protection needed.
NMFIRE is the first NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) member in China's pump industry and also the only Chinese company among the members of EFSN (European Fire Sprinkler Network). We are the first company in China to receive both UL and FM certifications and the only company in the world to manufacture UL/FM certified fire pumps and UL/FM diesel engines. Our company was a key contributor in the revision of China's fire pump industry standards. Our product technology and range in products are industry leading in both the domestic and global market place.
Our mission is to produce the highest standard products with the advanced technology to "Protect life, love and history" for the big world.
NFPA20 UL FM End Suction Fire Pump For Hospital 2


In addition to the above models, there are many model UL/FM testing in process.
Looking forward to your enquiry.


NFPA20, UL, FM, EN12845,CCCF

Performance Ranges

UL : Q: 100-750GPM H:70-152PSI

FM: Q: 100-750GPM H:70-152PSI

CCCF: Q:15-45L/S H:0.6-0.9Mpa

NFPA20: Q: 100-3000GPM H:40-200PSI

End suction Pump Model Chart


Rated Capacity PUMP MODEL(UL) Rated Net Pressure Range, Approx. Speed, Impeller Diameter, mm.
50 ESF40/20 76-111 2980 225 190
50 ESF40/20 108-157 3550 225 190
100 ESF40/20 72-109 2980 225 190
100 ESF40/26 100-138 2980 264 225
200 ESF50/20 72-99 2980 225 195
200 ESF50/20 102-142 3550 225 195
200 ESF50/26 105-140 2980 264 230
250 ESF50/20 69-99 2980 225 195
250 ESF50/20 101-141 3550 225 195
250 ESF50/26 99-136 2980 264 230
250 ESF65/20 113-152 3550 225 195
250 ESF65/20 86-107 2980 225 210
250 ESF65/26 119-147 2980 264 245
300 ESF65/20 112-152 3550 225 195
300 ESF65/20 86-107 2980 225 210
300 ESF65/26 119-147 2980 264 245
400 ESF65/20 108-150 3550 225 195
400 ESF65/20 83-104 2980 225 210
400 ESF65/26 119-141 2980 264 245
450 ESF65/20 105-148 3550 225 195
450 ESF65/20 80-102 2980 225 210
450 ESF65/26 114-138 2980 264 245
500 ESF65/20 101-145 3550 225 195
500 ESF65/20 77-99 2980 225 210
500 ESF65/26 111-135 2980 264 245
500 ESF80/20 90-100 2980 225 210
500 ESF80/20 129-142 3550 225 210
500 ESF80/26 116-138 2980 264 245
750 ESF80/20 87-98 2980 225 210
750 ESF80/20 127-142 3550 225 210

  • Five Advantages of CNP NM FIRE

①The late-mover advantage of products, we R&D better fire products than other Suppliers;

②Have the most complete and all series of fire pump models;

③Have listed diesel engines with self-owned brand--- NM FIRE;

④Understand the technology of fire- fighting products and fire- fighting system better than other competitors and have better services;

⑤Shorter delivery time.

NFPA20 UL FM End Suction Fire Pump For Hospital 3

  • FAQ

    Q1.Do you have the UL-LISTED Fire Pump Sets?
    Yes, We have the UL/FM and NFPA standard Fire Pump Sets.
    Q2.Please quote the XXGPM@XXXPSI Pump without driver.
    Sorry, pump are not sold separately, pumps and drives are sold together.
    Q3.I need your motor drive End-suction/Split-casing fire pump, what information shold I sent to you ?
    Sir/Madam,you can privide the Capacity, Heed, Voltage and Frequncy,we will make the quotation for you,If you need Jockey Pump or other accessories, please tell us together.
    Q4.If I need your Diesel Engine Drive End-suction/Split-casing fire pump, what information shold I sent to you ?
    You can sent the Capacity Heed, Temperature and Altitude (temperature and altitude will affect the performance of diesel engines).If you need Jockey Pump or other accessories, please tell us Voltage and Frequncy or accessories together.
    Q4.I need the UL Vertical Tubine Fire Pump Set ,please sent me the price.
    For the motor Diver Vertical Tubine Fire Pump Set: you shoul give us the Capacity, Heed, Voltage Frequncy and the tank deep.
    For the Diesel Engine Drive Vertical Tubine Fire Pump Set:you should give us the Capacity, Heed and the tank deep.
    If you need Jockey Pump or other accessories,please tell us together.
    Q5.May I ask what is the lead time of this fire pump and the jockey piump if ever we order them from you?
    Under normal cicumstance,75days ,we will notify the delivery date after receiving the deposit.
    Q6.Please advise if you can also send me the cost for the freight?
    Pls. confirm the model first,then we wil estimate estimate. The Fire Pump Sets are customized production, actual packaging size and estimated size will be different.
 NFPA20 UL FM End Suction Fire Pump For Hospital 4
  • Service:

1. Reply within 24 hours.
2. High-quality products and the most reasonable price
3. Data and chemical technology support.

NFPA20 UL FM End Suction Fire Pump For Hospital 5

NFPA20 UL FM End Suction Fire Pump For Hospital 6