Technological and innovation advantages

March 31, 2022
Latest company news about Technological and innovation advantages

R&D (Pump) Aside from safety and reliability, the biggest difference between a fire water pump and a normal water pump

is the safe and successful starting at any point on the performance curve with smooth operation.

Each UL/FM fire pump requires a break or plateau in its power curve when the positive pressure test is performed BHP

(Brake Horsepower) is an important indicator of the performance of a fire pump. The supplied power must be greater than

the fire pump's BHP, which is an important technical requirement in NFPA 20.


The experienced NMFIRE technical team, using CFD and 3D printing technologies, repeatedly improved and tested the

appropriate hydraulic model and developed a number of enhanced hydraulic models that meet the requirements of fire pump



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For more than six years, we have successfully developed various fire pump products and ensured that each product has

ultra-low BHP, greatly enhancing the competitiveness of our certified fire pumps in the global marketplace